Can Babies Skip Crawling And Go Right To Walking

I know that when it comes to babies, parents become more sensitive. Believe me, it is natural for almost all kinds of parents. Today I will discuss a sensitive topic can babies skip crawling and go right to walking by figuring out facts and myths?

Yes, this is true some babies skip crawling and go right to walking. If that was the same with your child too then do not worry about this. Keep reading if you want to know everything about it how much truth is -in this and why this happens.

Why Crawling is Important for Your Baby

Crawling is an important activity for babies, as they learn how to crawl properly. As per research, when a baby crawls, his/her brain is still in the development stage. Crawling can help in developing coordination and motor skills. It is also an important part of the child’s physical and mental development.

Benefits of Crawling for your baby

Crawling helps in the growth of the baby’s brain. When you crawl with your baby, you will teach him/her to crawl and walk properly. When the baby starts walking, he/she will be able to use his/her legs to carry himself/herself. When your baby crawls, his/her brain is still in the development stage. It helps in the formation of the spine and muscles.

Crawling also helps in the development of your baby’s eyesight. You can use a mirror to show your baby the movement of the crawling. It will help him/her to learn the difference between front and back and to see the images clearly.

Can Babies Skip Crawling And Go Right To Walking Crawling helps in the development of the body. Crawling will also help your baby to develop the muscles of his/her body. It is also the most important activity to improve coordination and balance.

If you want to make your baby comfortable in his/her bed, you can use a baby bed. It will make your baby feel safe and comfortable in his/her bed. You can also use a mattress pad to make the bed soft and comfortable.

So, now you know why crawling is important for your baby and the benefits of it. So, whenever you will start practicing this activity, your baby will enjoy the crawling activity, and also you will get all the benefits of it.

Can Babies Skip Crawling And Go Right To Walking

Yes, some babies skip crawling and go right to walking. About 5 to 10 percent of normal babies skip crawling and start walking directly. There is nothing special to worry about it. It is their learning skills or growing that makes them walk first rather than crawl.

As we know crawling is not an essential part of baby development but still, it greatly matters. Since crawling improves the baby’s physical and mental development.

6 Reasons Why Babies Should Skip Crawling And Go Straight To Walking

As a parent, you must be aware that crawling is the first step of a baby and it takes a lot of time. But, sometimes it is really frustrating to see a baby doing the crawling movement.

The problem with crawling is that it is not suitable for a baby as he/she needs to walk straight and it is not possible for a baby to do so. There are a lot of people who don’t understand why babies should crawl and why they shouldn’t start walking as soon as they are born.

The reason behind this is that they need to develop their strength and muscles which is necessary for walking. It will also help them to gain strength and control of their body.

1. They don’t need to be tied

Babies don’t need to be tied, because they will learn how to walk straight after crawling. They can even stand straight without any support.

2. They will be less tired

They will be less tired and will not fall down. It will also help them to gain confidence and will also be less stressed.

3. They can explore their environment

It is not possible to explore the entire world using crawling, but they can explore it if they start walking. It will also help them to get familiar with their environment.

4. They will not get hurt

Crawling is a risky and dangerous activity. They might get injured if they crawl on a hard surface. So, it is better to avoid crawling and it is better to start walking when they are 1 year old.

5. They will have fun

If they are playing outside with their parents then it will be a lot of fun and they will not be bored. They will also enjoy the freedom and will not feel that they are tied to anything.

6. They will have good posture

Walking is the only way to have a good posture. Babies need to practice it as they will have a proper posture while walking.

These are the six reasons why babies should skip crawling and go straight to walking. If you want to know more about this topic then read this article till the end.


End of the day, this is normal some babies skip crawling and go right walking. There can be multiple reasons but nothing to worry seriously. Since babies pick up crawling by trying to learn how to move freely. Sometimes babies start direct walking by learning about walking by watching other babies or adults how to walk. However, there are some disadvantages if your baby skips crawling and goes right walking. Like, when babies crawl they learn how to control both their legs and arms together which improves their motor skills. After it crawling greatly improves the physical and mental development of babies.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and found everything you need to know about can babies skip crawling and go right to walking. If you have any queries feel free to comment it down.


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