Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Waterlily Review

Are you looking for the best chicco dance baby walker in the market? Do you want your baby to have the best time sitting in a walker? Well, you have landed at the right place. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center

This is the much awaited phase in the life of every parent to watch their bundle of joy taking his/her


first steps. And to make this dream come true, buying Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams for your baby is the best choice.

Though most of us has experienced the joy of sitting in a walker and having loads of fun but the reason why the Chicco Dance baby Walker has caught attention among the parents is because of its unique features that has given it a complete makeover from the 80’s old walkers.

Hook-up MP3 Player

This one of its kind walker comes up with an MP3 hook-up feature for the music on the go. Babies usually love music and who doesn’t want to roam around the house with their favorite soundtrack?

This feature can engage your babies in the best way possible. You can also add a personalized music to your little one’s first steps.

  • Dancing to their favorite tunes will help them to learn the art of balancing while walking.
  • My sister’s baby love music and that is why most of the time he’s watching TV which obviously will affect his vision
  • But with this feature babies can enjoy non- stop music without the parents having to worry about their vision.

Easily Detachable Musical Play Tray

It has a player storage tray that can be locked or removed as per your preferences in order to keep the electronics away from your children’s reach. You can not only remove the musical play tray from the frame but can also use that tray on the floor, just like the stand alone toy.

So, basically the Dance can be instantly transformed from a musical walker to the stationary activity center. The walker’s tray has sounds, lights and big buttons that are sure to grab your child’s attention for a couple of hours.

Easy to Wash

The detachable padded seat makes it extremely easy to wash. Both the tray and the padded seat can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You can also remove the seat for machine washing if necessary.

Plus the walker is made up of plastic material which not only makes it convenient to clean but also proves to be extremely safe for the kids due to its lightweight nature.

Three Height Adjustment Settings

It has three adjustable height settings which allow you to alter the seat up to 3 feet that makes it perfect for the kids who grows too fast. In short, this amazing walker can adjust itself according to your child’s specifications.

All the babies are not of the same measurements so the multiple settings allows you to alter the height of the walker accordingly. Babies grow really fast at this age so this feature prevents the parents from buying the walker again.


It is the utmost concern of every parent when it comes to their child. This walker is made up of plastic and is quite light weight so your baby will be perfectly safe sitting in this walker.

Moreover, this walker is equipped with brake pads which are specially designed to keep your child safe and can be used to stop the walker if it goes over a step.


This is another amazing feature of the walker that adds ultimate functionality. People usually don’t purchase products that occupy large space but Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams has a solution to this problem too.

It is designed with the superb functionality that has the ability to fold flat which makes it easy to store.

So, basically you can place it at any corner of your house by just folding the walker.

The Pros and Cons of using the Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams

  • Babies can dance to their favourite tunes via Mp3Hook-up feature
  • Attractive design with eye catching color combinations.
  • Music, sound and lights.
  • Music, sound and lights
  • Perfectly safe for the child
  • Multiple adjustment settings
  • Removable Music Tray
  • Easily Washable
  • This walker will keep your kids busy for hours so you have to try really hard to gain their attention.

You can see our video Guideline,and assemble your Chicco baby walker step by step

Frequently Asked Questions For Chicco baby walker

Question: What is the age limit to use this walker?

Answer: The baby should be of minimum 6 months to safely use this product.

Question: Does this walker easily move on carpet?

Answer: It moves definitely better on hardwood but it moves fine on carpet too.

Final verdict

The Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams is definitely the best product and is a great gear for your child to learn and play. What makes it more special is that it comes with Mp3 player which makes your child dance to their favorite tunes and enjoy on their own.

Each of its features is specially designed to provide comfort to your child without ignoring the safety of your child.Overall, this is a must have product for your child which is easily available at affordable price on Amazon website.Worth Buying!

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