Do Babies Need Shoes to Learn to Walk? [Facts v/s Myths]

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Are you eagerly waiting for the time when your baby will take his very initial steps? Just imagine for a while, how pleasant that scene would be.If you worrying about does baby need shoes to learn walker we discussed below with complete myths and facts.

The heart of every mom and dad in this world leaps with great pleasure, when they look at their walking babies. Indeed, it is a very delicate matter for all the parents, who become very emotional at that moment.

Do Babies Need Shoes to Learn to Walk?

Parents are also concerned about several other things regarding this matter. For instance, you must have noticed that during this very phase, the most typical question that peeps into their heads is that do babies need shoes to learn to walk?

But many people are also confused about this statement and you might be one of them. For this reason, we are here with this article to analyze this matter as per the findings based on the relevant medical research. Thus, you can rely on these findings because of the fact that medical science always provides us with the verified and reliable information.

We hope that after thoroughly reading this entire article, it will become crystal clear to you that whether it is a fact or just a myth created by people. So, lets it discover now:

Do Babies Need Shoes to Walk? —— Facts v/s Myths

Firstly, make it very clear in your mind that babies do not need shoes to learn to walk. This statement is based on the opinions of Pediatricians as well as the medical science. In addition to this, no evidence was found by the medical science in the favor of statement that shoes are helpful for babies to learn walking.

Here were are going to discuss this matter in the light of traditional myths as well as the verified facts produced by the medical science.

Traditional Myths

A popular traditional belief depicts that shoes provide the babies with an additional support and in this way they learn walking quickly. Most probably, because of this common myth, shoes companies for infants came in to existence. These companies claim that by wearing their shoes, children start walking in a lesser time.

This myth continued for many years and most of the parents reared up their babies as per this opinion.

But just before the beginning of the 21st century, this scenario started changing due to some phenomenal scientific researches.

Basically, these researches verified that babies do not need shoes at all to learn walking. In fact, they can learn walking in an effective manner, without wearing shoes.

Therefore, this traditional myth lost its value and started becoming obsolete. The findings of the scientific studies that were conducted in this regard could be summed up in the following points:

  • Additional support is not required by babies to perform any task.
  • Their ankles are well-balanced and well-developed since the beginning.
  • They can even walk at this stage like a physically developed adult.

Scientific Facts

Now let’s move towards the scientific facts that were responsible for changing the mentality of people regarding this matter.

Medical science depicts that the anatomy of human foot is quite complex since it is based on 26 bones at all, along with 35 joints, which are connected with each other. In addition to this, there are various ligaments which play a crucial role in supporting these joints and bones. For this reason, baby’s feet are highly flexible in nature and contain fat padding as well.

Furthermore, babies usually have fragile ligaments and underdeveloped feet muscles, during the period when they start taking their very initial steps. But with the passage of time, the feebleness of their muscles as well as ligaments starts disappearing and as a result their feet become well developed.

For this reason, walking bare foot can be considered as the best way to learn to walk because in this way, the development of feet occurs in a more natural way.

Some Points to Be Considered

You must also consider the below mentioned points to get some awareness regarding your child’s physical development:

Each Baby Develops in a Different Way

Always remember that each baby develops at his own rate which might be different than the other baby of his age.

Most of the Babies Start Walking between 18 to 20 Months

Experts suggest that most of the babies start walking between 18 to 20 months. But some babies also start walking a bit later.

Children Reveals Some Sign before Starting to Walk

Before start walking, your baby might reveal some signs to indicate that his leg muscles are developing and he is going to walk very soon. These signs include cruising, crawling, etc.

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In a nutshell, it can be said that babies does not need shoes to learn to walk because of the fact that by walking bare feet, their balancing and coordination skills develop more quickly. So, it is just a myth or wrong belief that babies need shoes to learn walking. Keeping this thing in mind, you can allow your baby to learn walking in a convenient and comfortable manner.

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