How Much Does a Baby Walker Cost in 2020

Do you want to help your baby to take his very initial steps? Well, in order to do this, buying a baby walker should be on your priority.We share an expert guide and estimation for you to how much does a baby walker cost in 2020.

Baby walker plays a crucial role in supporting the infants so that they can successfully make their first steps. This apparatus is quite helpful in teaching walking to infants. You must have noticed that when infants try to stand on their feet, they find something to hold, like a person, furniture, or any other item.

How Much Does a Baby Walker Cost

Likewise, babies can also learn walking by holding their parent’s hands. So, keeping in mind this fact, baby walkers are designed. There are many types of baby walkers such as, traditional walkers, push walkers, etc.

Cost of Baby Walkers

Today, numerous brands of baby walkers are easily available in the market, which are also equipped with multiple useful features. Also, in this way, babies learn walking in a convenient and enjoyable manner.

But despite of the easy availability of this apparatus, you might get confused in selecting an appropriate one for your baby. You will also find each of the baby walkers different than the other one in terms of price and quality.

Many buyers also look for the costs of baby walkers to select an affordable model. For this reason, we are here to help you and all such buyers. We have mentioned below some of the most popular and reliable brands of baby walker, along with their costs. These baby walkers are also amongst the best-selling as well as the highest rated models. So, let’s have a look to know that how much a baby walker cost:

1). Joovy Spoon Baby Walker ($80 to $100)

Joovy Spoon walker is one of the most reliable and durable baby walkers. It is available in multiple seat colors and moves freely over carpets are rugs. You can simply consider this product as a traditional baby walker which comes in a modern and stylish look.

Interestingly, this walker comes with an adjustable height so that you can keep it according to the requirement of your baby. You will also find a wide built-in tray which can be used conveniently by your baby, during snack time. This tray can also be used for keeping toys.

Although this walker does not come with built-in toys or activities, your baby will still enjoy in it because it is highly comfortable. You can completely rely on Joovy Spoon walker because it is a JPMA certified product.

Now let’s move towards its cost. A Joovy Spoon walker is available at the price of around $80 to $100. Although, many buyers will find this model a bit costly, but indeed it is worth the price.

2). Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker ($30 to $35)

Let’s move to another amazing walker which is also one of the most selling models. Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker is equipped with an interesting activity panel so that baby can learn walking in an enjoyable manner. You will also find this activity panel quite useful in boosting the motor skills of infants.

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker is available in various eye-catching colors which include girl’s specific, boy’s specific, as well as unisex colors. Moreover, this walker is made up of durable and compact material.

In order to purchase this highly attractive learning walker, you will only need around $30 to $35. In this way, you can consider it a highly affordable model as well.

3). Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center ($89 to $100)

The most special feature of Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center is it its MP3 hook so that you can enjoy the tunes of your choice. You will also find this walker very easy to assemble. This model also features bumper guards for the safety of your kid.

Amazingly, this baby walker features a removable activity tray which is based on several eye-catching toys as well as melodies and lights. In this way, you will find this walker helpful in boosting the coordination and motor skills of your infant. This amazing walker will cost your around $89 to $100. Overall, it is an amazing model which is not only attractive but safe and useful too.

4). Safety 1st Baby Walker ($40 to $50)

This is another great baby walker which is capable of keeping your baby engaged for hours. It is based on an adjustable seat pad which can be machine washed as well.

Safety 1st Baby Walker also comes with an adjustable height for the convenience of your growing baby.

To buy this amazing walker, you will need almost $40 to $50. Due to this reason, you can consider this model as an eye-catching and useful activity walker which is also very affordable.

5). Disney Baby Walker ($60 to $70)

This cute baby walker will surely become an eye-treat for your baby as it is equipped with many attractive toys, music, as well as lights. Other than this, you can easily adjust the height of its seat as per the requirement of your baby.

To purchase this walker, around $60 to $70 are required. Indeed, it is an eye-catching baby walker which is useful for the development of your baby’s balancing and motor skills.


We hope that now you have got the answer of your question that how much does a baby walker cost. In this article, we have provided you with the details and prices of some of the best-selling models. Also, in this way, you can easily find a high quality as well as an affordable baby walker.

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