How To Clean A Baby Walker (4 Step to Clean)

Due to fact that babies cannot take care of themselves properly, their stuff usually get dirty. Same happens with their walkers as well. We discuss bellow 4 simple step to how to clean a baby walker. Your baby’s walker might get dirty and stained due to food items and drinks because of the reason that these apparatuses are usually equipped with trays for snack time.

It may also get filthy and stinky with your baby’s stool as well as urine. So, what should be done in such a case and how to clean a baby walker properly to get rid of the germs, dirt, and smell?

How To Clean A Baby Walker

In this article we will introduce you with the steps of cleaning a baby walker in an appropriate manner as it is important to be meticulous about hygiene especially in case of infants. Moreover, by following these steps properly you can save your baby’s walker form any kind of damage as these apparatuses usually operate via the help of batteries.

Steps to Clean a Baby Walker

First of all, you need to know about the components of your baby’s walker. There are basically three components which form a baby walker. The first one is seat, which is usually based on fabric material and might include foam as well. The second component is the overall body of walker, which is more often based on plastic. The third component of baby walker is composed of metal or stainless steel, for instance you will find the walker’s frame or legs made up of metallic material. Apart from this, some walkers might have toys or play panel based on music, lights and activities.

Now let’s begin our discussion regarding the cleaning process of baby walker:

Step 1: Wash the Seat Cushion with Detergent or Other Cleaning Agents

In order to wash the fabric based seat cushion, you can use detergent or any other cleansing agent like soap. You can also mix vinegar or baking soda with soap to make the fabric soft and germ free. You can also use washing machine to clean cushion but always use cold water, whether you are washing on hand or in machine.

After washing it properly, let it dried but do not use air dryer on it as it may cause damage to the fabric. So, by keeping this thing in your mind, always let it air dried.

Step 2: Wipe the Plastic Body and Metallic Frame

If your baby’s walker is not very dirty, you can simply wipe it using a damp cloth. But if it is too much dirty and stained, you must use dishwasher soap or detergent along with warm water, to clean the walker. You also have to scrub thoroughly to remove the tough stains and grease. Moreover, you will find warm water quite helpful in removing the stains and grease.

Step 3: Use Sanitizer for the Cleaning of Toys or Activity Panel

Before starting the cleaning process of baby walker, always keep the toys or the activity panel separate. You must do this because of the fact that most of the baby walkers operate on battery and are equipped with toy based activities as well as music and lights.

So, in order to save the toys or activity panel from any kind of damage, just clean them separately, using only a sanitizer to make them germ-free and avoid using water.

Step 4: Let the Components Dry

After completing the cleaning process and making each and every component of your baby’s walker clean and germ free, let them dry thoroughly. You have to do this to make sure that every part of your baby’s walker is free from the droplets of water which might cause damage to the batteries or the battery operated components. In addition to this, if you have dismantled the components of walker before cleaning them, dry them separately before joining them back.

After drying it completely, put the batteries back if your baby’s walker operate on battery, otherwise it is ready to be used by your baby.

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Some Safety Tips

  • Do not forget to remove the batteries from your baby’s walker.
  • Always remove the activity panel and then clean it separately.
  • In order to avoid metal corrosion, do not forget to wipe the metallic portion with dry tissue or cloth.
  • If your baby’s walker is equipped with electronic toys, do not use water over them.
  • Do not forget to dry each and every component of walker, before allowing your baby to use it.
  • Always use cold water to wash the seat cushion as hot water may cause damage to its fabric.


This article was an endeavor to guide the parents regarding the cleaning of their baby’s walker. After reading this article thoroughly, parents will find the entire cleaning process very convenient. In this way, they have learned the way of taking care of their baby’s hygiene which is of utmost importance, without any doubt. Kindly share this article with others as well to spread awareness regarding the hygiene of babies.

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