How To Teach Your Baby To Walk (8 Step)

How will you feel while seeing your baby walking? Of course it would be a pleasant sight for you as well as for all the other parents. Despite that fact that the development and growth rate of every baby is different, most of the Pediatricians suggest that the leg muscles of babies usually develop when they are around 10 to 15 months old.

It is the time period when a crawling baby develops into a walking baby. Moreover, some babies even start walking a bit later, such as at the age of around 18 or 20 months.

Teach Your Baby To Walk

You must have observed that while trying to stand on their feet, first of all, babies look for an item or person to hold. For instance, your baby might hold the nearby staircase to get support to stand up. On this ground, you may assume that every baby needs support to take his initial steps. Your baby can also learn walking from your assistance and support. But the question arises how to teach your baby to walk?

Since, every baby is different and might require a different teaching method, there are still some effective methods recommended by the experts, which work best in case of most of the babies. So, let’s begin our discussion regarding those methods through which you can teach your baby to walk.

How To Teach Your Baby To Walk

1). Support him and Walk with Him

By holding his hand and walking with him step by step, you can easily teach your baby to walk. This can be considered as the most basic teaching method and utilized by most of the parents. So, simply hold your baby’s hand and walk with him like a trust-worthy and supportive companion.

2). Teach your Baby through Demonstration

Without any doubt, demonstration is the most effective method to teach something to someone, and to teach walking is no exception in this regard. In order to demonstrate properly, you must consider yourself as a baby first and then start teaching. In this way, you can clearly show your baby the way to bend his knees and crawling. After crawling, you should teach him about walking.

3). Get your Baby a Walker

Baby walker is an apparatus that is designed to support the babies and help them to make their initial steps. These days, most of the people rely on walkers because it is not only amongst the most effective methods to teach walking to babies but keeps them engaged as well. So, you too can get your baby a walker and teach him walking through this apparatus. Apart from this, baby walkers are also equipped with several useful features to boost the motor and coordination skills of infants.

4). Encourage and Reward your Baby for his Efforts

When your baby makes effort to start walking, standing on his feet or even crawling, do not forget to encourage him. This can also be done in a more effective manner through rewards. For instance, you can appreciate your baby by giving him toys or other similar stuff. In this way, his confidence level will boost and he would become much happier to show you his endeavors.

5). Daily Spend some Time in Teaching

If you are really interested and serious about teaching walking to your baby, do not forget to spend some time with him on daily basis. By doing this you will not only develop the interest of your baby, but will become capable of teaching him more effectively. So, simply include this thing in your daily routine or set a reminder.

6). Does not stop your Baby on Falling Down

While trying to walk, your baby might fall down in the beginning. But you should not get worried about it and allow him to practice more. Do not forget that “Failure is the first step towards success”. So, always motivate your baby and do not stop him on falling down.

7). Do not Force Your Baby to Walk

You should always treat your baby politely and do not force him to walk. So, by keeping this thing in your mind, start teaching him only during that time, when he also shows interest in learning. Always remember that by compulsion, you cannot teach him effectively and he will not learn it with diligence.

8). Be Patient and Wait for the Complete Muscle Development

It usually happens that babies do not give any response when you demonstrate them or support them to stand on their feet. So, no need to get worried about this because it happens with those babies who start walking a bit later due to slower development of their leg muscles. But do not forget to consult a Pediatrician if your baby does not start walking even after 20 months.

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The purpose behind writing this article was to guide and educate those parents who are unaware about the methods which help the babies to take their initial steps. After reading this article thoroughly, parents can teach their babies to walk in an effective manner. We hope that you liked this article and would share it with others as well, to spread awareness.

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