10 Signs Baby Will Walk Soon Indicate Of Walking

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Although, every kid develops and grows at his own rate, most of the Pediatricians are of the opinion that babies usually start walking between the ages of 10 to 15 months, with some kids even start at the age of 18 months.We discuss below most common 10 signs baby that will indicate you to you baby will walk soon.

Nothing can be more pleasing for parents than seeing their babies walking. For this reason, every parent wants to see his crawling baby developing into a walking baby, as soon as possible.

Signs Baby Will Walk Soon

When babies are born, they cannot walk or stand on their feet, because of their less developed leg muscles. As soon as they start growing, the development of these muscles also boosts. Due to this fact, children start holding things and try to stand on their feet. Later, they successfully start walking by mastering the art of balancing their bodies.

There are also some common signs which specify that your baby will start walking very soon. So, if you too want to know that when your baby will stand on his feet and take his initial steps, just have a look at the below mentioned indicators.

10 Signs Your Baby Will Start Walking Soon

1). Rolling back and forth

Usually between the ages of 7 to 8 months, infants start rolling their bodies back and forth. In this way, they try to tell you that they are tired of lying over the bed or at one place every time, and are desperate to move their bodies. This sign also indicates that the muscles of your baby’s leg are developing, which are essential to balance their bodies while walking.

2). Start Crawling

Crawling is a very common indicator and you must have seen almost every baby doing this. It happens when babies try to walk with the support of their knees and hands. It also helps the babies to become fearless and allows them to move freely without any support and assistance.

3). Bouncing their legs

Babies also start bouncing their legs to show their desperation which also indicates that their legs muscles are developing. You will also notice that your baby will not sit quietly in your lap and will try to bounce his legs up and down to push himself up.

4). Sitting without any Assistance

During the development stage of your baby’s leg muscles, you will also notice that he prefer to sit without your assistance. In this way, your baby tries to show you that he has become fearless and is capable enough to hold himself up.

5). Pulling the body Upwards

Babies also start pulling their bodies upwards to indicate that they are curious to stand on their feet. Although they also need some practice to successfully do this and usually fall down in their initial trials, but their excitement makes them fearless and confident.

6). Cruising

Through cruising, babies can learn foot coordination. It also helps in boosting their confidence level and makes them capable of touching the ground with their feet. On this basis, you can say that cruising is a strong indicator through which parents can make sure that their baby will start walking very soon.

7). Shift weight from one foot to the other one

Due to the development of their leg muscles, babies start bending their knees and try to shift their weight from one foot to the other one. This also requires some strength and your baby may take some time to practice this.

8). Get Tired more Quickly

Due to the fact that babies have to practice a lot and practice needs strength, they will get tired more quickly. Through this sign, you can also learn that your baby is doing enough practice to balance his body and stand on his feet.

9). Try to Walk by Holding Things or People

When babies become very excited to walk, they try to hold people or things like furniture, staircase, door, or other household items, to get support and balance their bodies. In this way, they try to stand on their feet and start walking very soon.

10). Try to Stand Independently

After practicing the art of balancing their bodies, babies become confident and try to stand independently. This is the sign which reveals very clearly that your baby has become capable enough to stand with his own efforts, and can walk as well.

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Some Important Tips

By following these tips, you can make sure that your baby is learning to walk safely and conveniently:

  • Keep your Doors and Windows Closed

For the safety of your baby, always keep the doors and windows of your house closed. In this way, your baby can explore his skills in a safe surrounding.

  • Encourage your Baby

Always encourage your baby to boost his confidence level. In this way, he will become more excited to stand on his feet.

  • Keep an Eye on the Signs

You should keep a close eye on the signs which indicate that your baby is curious to put his feet on the ground. If no sign occurs till the age of 15 months, consult a Pediatrician.


This article was our sincere effort to guide the parents about the signs which give an idea that baby will stand on his feet and start walking very soon. Moreover, by noticing these signs, parents can monitor the period of their baby’s physical development. In this way, parents can educate themselves by reading this article and share this useful information with others as well. So, we hope that you liked this article.

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